I was reading an article on Time about the e book era being here. Article by Andrea Sachs.

Following are a couple of quotes from one of her sources.

"Once people catch the e-book reading bug, they rapidly shift a large portion of the books they read to digital," James McQuivey, a media-technology analyst at Forrester, wrote in a November report.

"It doesn’t make sense yet for digital cookbooks, travel books, information books and textbooks," says McQuivey.

This is my question to you:  Do you think it ‘makes sense’ to have travel books (and cookbooks) in a digital format?

Personally I think that since people like to travel light these days, it makes a lot of sense to have travel books in a digital form.

What do you think?

And - would you prefer reading a flip (PDF) format or would you like to see travel books as an iPad app?  Would you even like to see something for an iPhone?

Weigh in - I would like to know.

Apr 15 -
Digital Books

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